Wednesday, December 25, 2013

After deliberating for more than a year, I took the plunge with the Canon Powershot G15. None of the smaller cameras on the market are ideal for what I generally shoot, but I wanted something that was likely to work as a backup camera when I don't want to carry two SLR's. It's one of the few non-SLR's with an optical viewfinder and a lens that has a wide aperture (from 1.8-2.8 as you zoom from wide to telephoto). One thing I also appreciate is the focus assist lamp that is great for extreme low light conditions without flash.

Here is a sample lit by the tv, about 8 feet away, and a street lamp filtering through the mini-blinds (the stripes).

More to come, after I've had a chance to look at some daylight photos. So far the camera handles well.