Wednesday, December 25, 2013

After deliberating for more than a year, I took the plunge with the Canon Powershot G15. None of the smaller cameras on the market are ideal for what I generally shoot, but I wanted something that was likely to work as a backup camera when I don't want to carry two SLR's. It's one of the few non-SLR's with an optical viewfinder and a lens that has a wide aperture (from 1.8-2.8 as you zoom from wide to telephoto). One thing I also appreciate is the focus assist lamp that is great for extreme low light conditions without flash.

Here is a sample lit by the tv, about 8 feet away, and a street lamp filtering through the mini-blinds (the stripes).

More to come, after I've had a chance to look at some daylight photos. So far the camera handles well.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Summer Fun

This photo is copyright Phil Kampel Photography. Unauthorized use is prohibited and extremely upsetting. Violators are subject to pursuit. If you'd like to use the photo, please just ask. Thank you.

This month I've been doing photography at the California State Fair. It's my 4th year and it's as much fun as ever. Mainly I've been covering the Meet and Greet sessions with the artists that play concerts on the Golden 1 stage.

In addition, I've been asked to cover a few other events.

Rather than post a lot of the photos here, I'd feel great if you would check out these links:

To see an album of each event, please click HERE.

Some of my photos are also featured on the State Fair's website, on the media page, including the official photos of the CALIFORNIA letters which were donated by Disney, and now have a permanent home outside the Cal Expo main gate.

Here is a link to that page:


You can also enlarge the four photos from that group by clicking on each.

To my delight, Disney has also used a few of my photos in one of their blogs.

Disney Parks Blog

I hope you're all enjoying your July as much as I am!